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Setting up GNS3

Graphic Network Simulator 3 or better known as GNS3 is a open source network simulator that allows you to build and test complex networks. GNS has the ability to emulate many popular routers from Cisco and Juniper In this section I am going to review the steps to install and configure GNS3, which is very […]

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IPV6 Networking

Part 4-Configuring Network Connectivity            B) Configure IPv6 Network Settings             0) IPv6- Introduction to IPv6 networking   As we looked at IPv4 in the last section, it is a good idea to familiarise yourself with IPv6 before going into Windows 7 IPv6 networking.  Although IPv4 and IPv6 may sound similar, they are indeed very separate […]

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Networking And Subnetting

The Art of IPv4 Networking and SubNetting          Takeaway- To get a good grasp of IPv4 networking concepts, including subnetting. I will be doing a brief overview of some important IPv4 concepts as well as problems and limitations with IPv4. An IPv4 address is broken down from a single 32 bit binary number […]

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WD Live TV Plus

Western Digital Live TV Plus and Windows Server 2008 R2   While being laid up for the past bit I decided to play with a few Christmas toys that I had received.One interesting toy was the Western Digital Live TV Plus. This little box has an impressive list of compatible file formats: Video – AVI […]

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